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Create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint (and HTML documents) within R
David Gohel - - useR 2014
download slides and demo here:


Microsoft documents are everywhere in corporate environments.

Industry need tools to design complex tables in their statistical environment.

Analysts are spending lot of time updating existing reports (e.g. to make it up to date regarding to changes in databases).

Need for editable graphics so that reviewers can annotate themselves plots.

easy to deploy


Fast reporting
Reporting automation tool
enable pretty formating without (too much) efforts
Minimize dependencies with other softwares

What does it do?

How does it work?


Open the RStudio project located in the directory demo_r and run:



ReporteRs started with Jean François Collin from L'Oréal. Thanks for his ideas and suggestions.


Get ReporteRs from CRAN or the lastest version on GitHub

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