Add a title into a document object

addTitle(doc, value, ...)

# S3 method for docx
addTitle(doc, value, level = 1, ...)

# S3 method for pptx
addTitle(doc, value, ...)



document object


"character" value to use as title text


further arguments passed to or from other methods..


"integer" positive value to use as heading level. 1 for title1, 2 for title2, etc. Default to 1.


a document object


Function addTitle when used with docx object needs to know which style correspond to which title level (1 ; 1.1 ; 1.1.1 ; etc.). When a template is read, ReporteRs tries to guess what are the available styles (english, french, chinese, etc.). If styles for titles has not been detected you will see the following error when addTitle is being called: You must defined title styles via map_title first.

As the error message points out, you have to call the function `map_title` to indicate which available styles are meant to be used as title styles.

To add a title into a pptx object you only have to specify the text to use as title. There is no level concept.

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# Title example for MS Word -------
doc.filename = "ex_add_title.docx" doc <- docx() doc <- addTitle( doc, "Title example 1", level = 1 ) doc <- addTitle( doc, "Title example 2", level = 1 ) writeDoc( doc, file = doc.filename )
# Title example for PowerPoint ------- doc.filename = "ex_add_title.pptx" doc <- pptx() doc <- addSlide(doc, "Title and Content") doc <- addTitle(doc, "Title example") writeDoc( doc, file = doc.filename )