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Render a girafe within an application page.


girafeOutput(outputId, width = "100%", height = NULL)



output variable to read the girafe from. Do not use special JavaScript characters such as a period . in the id, this would create a JavaScript error.


widget width, its default value is set so that the graphic can cover the entire available horizontal space.


widget height, its default value is NULL so that width adaptation is not restricted. The height will then be defined according to the width used and the aspect ratio. Only use a value for the height if you have a specific reason and want to strictly control the size.

Size control

If you want to control a fixed size, use opts_sizing(rescale = FALSE) and set the chart size with girafe(width_svg=..., height_svg=...).

If you want the graphic to fit the available width, use opts_sizing(rescale = TRUE) and set the size of the graphic with girafe(width_svg=..., height_svg=...), this size will define the aspect ratio.