This function returns an object that can be used as a label via the labs() family of functions or when setting a scale/guide name/title or key label. It passes the interactive parameters to a theme element created via element_text_interactive or via an interactive guide.

label_interactive(label, ...)



The text for the label (scalar character)


any of the interactive_parameters().


an interactive label object

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library(ggplot2) library(ggiraph) gg_jitter <- ggplot( mpg, aes(cyl, hwy, group = cyl)) + geom_boxplot() + labs(title = label_interactive( "title", data_id = "id_title", onclick = "alert(\"title\")", tooltip = "title" ) ) + theme(plot.title = element_text_interactive()) x <- girafe(ggobj = gg_jitter) if( interactive() ) print(x)