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Validates and possibly modifies the fonts to be used as default value in a graphic according to the fonts available on the machine. It process elements named "sans", "serif", "mono" and "symbol".


validated_fonts(fonts = list())



Named list of font names to be aliased with fonts installed on your system. If unspecified, the R default families "sans", "serif", "mono" and "symbol" are aliased to the family returned by match_family().

If fonts are available, the default mapping will use these values:

R familyFont on WindowsFont on UnixFont on Mac OS
sansArialDejaVu SansHelvetica
serifTimes New RomanDejaVu serifTimes
monoCourierDejaVu monoCourier
symbolSymbolDejaVu SansSymbol


a named list of validated font family names

See also

girafe(), dsvg()

Other functions for font management: font_family_exists(), match_family()


#> $sans
#> [1] "DejaVu Sans"
#> $serif
#> [1] "DejaVu serif"
#> $mono
#> [1] "DejaVu Sans"
#> $symbol
#> [1] "DejaVu Sans"