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  • David Gohel. Author, maintainer.

  • ArData. Copyright holder.

  • Clementine Jager. Contributor.

  • Panagiotis Skintzos. Author.

  • Quentin Fazilleau. Contributor.

  • Maxim Nazarov. Contributor.
    rmarkdown for docx output

  • Titouan Robert. Contributor.

  • Michael Barrowman. Contributor.
    inline footnotes

  • Atsushi Yasumoto. Contributor.
    support for bookdown cross reference

  • Paul Julian. Contributor.
    support for gam objects

  • Sean Browning. Contributor.
    work on footnote positioning system

  • Rémi Thériault. Contributor.

  • Samuel Jobert. Contributor.
    work on pagination

  • Keith Newman. Contributor.



Gohel D, Skintzos P (2024). flextable: Functions for Tabular Reporting. R package version 0.9.6,,

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