Create flextable

flextable creation


Add or modify flextable`s headers or footers

Add a row of labels in header or footer part

Set flextable's headers labels

Set flextable's header rows

delete flextable part

Manage flextable layout

Merge flextable cells

Merge flextable cells horizontally

Delete flextable merging informations

Merge flextable cells vertically

Set flextable rows height

Set flextable columns width

Adjusts cell widths and heights

Get flextable dimensions

Calculate pretty dimensions

Format flextable

Modify flextable`s formatting properties, apply theme functions.

Set flextable style

Set text alignment

Set background color

Set font size

Set italic font

Set bold font

Set font color

Set paragraph paddings

Set cell borders

rotate cell text

make blank columns as transparent

Apply booktabs theme

Apply box theme

Apply tron legacy theme

Apply tron theme

Apply vanilla theme

Apply zebra theme


Define flextable`s content

Define flextable displayed values

Delete flextable content

Output functions

Render flextable in rmarkdown (including Word output)

wml table code

add flextable into a PowerPoint slide