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The flextable package facilitates access to and manipulation of tabular reporting elements from R.

The documentation of functions can be opened with command help(package = "flextable").

flextable() function is producing flexible tables where each cell can contain several chunks of text with their own set of formatting properties (bold, font color, etc.). Function mk_par() lets customise text of cells.

The as_flextable() function is used to transform specific objects into flextable objects. For example, you can transform a crosstab produced with the 'tables' package into a flextable which can then be formatted, annotated or augmented with footnotes.

In order to reduce the homogenization efforts and the number of functions to be called, it is recommended to define formatting properties such as font, border color, number of decimals displayed which will then be applied by default. See set_flextable_defaults() for more details.


Maintainer: David Gohel


Other contributors:

  • ArData [copyright holder]

  • Clementine Jager [contributor]

  • Quentin Fazilleau [contributor]

  • Maxim Nazarov (rmarkdown for docx output) [contributor]

  • Titouan Robert [contributor]

  • Michael Barrowman (inline footnotes) [contributor]

  • Atsushi Yasumoto (support for bookdown cross reference) [contributor]

  • Paul Julian (support for gam objects) [contributor]

  • Sean Browning (work on footnote positioning system) [contributor]

  • Rémi Thériault (ORCID) (theme_apa) [contributor]

  • Samuel Jobert (work on pagination) [contributor]

  • Keith Newman [contributor]