• David Gohel. Author, maintainer.

  • Frank Hangler. Contributor.
    function body_replace_all_text

  • Liz Sander. Contributor.
    several documentation fixes

  • Anton Victorson. Contributor.
    fixes xml structures

  • Jon Calder. Contributor.
    update vignettes

  • John Harrold. Contributor.
    function annotate_base

  • John Muschelli. Contributor.
    google doc compatibility

  • Bill Denney. Contributor.
    function as.matrix.rpptx

  • Nikolai Beck. Contributor.
    set speaker notes for .pptx documents

  • Stefan Moog. Contributor.
    added functionality to set shape geometry and outline

  • Greg Leleu. Contributor.
    fields functionality in ppt



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