Working with Word documents

open a connection to a 'Word' file

get Word content in a tidy format

read Word styles

read document properties

set document properties

Word page layout

Navigate into Word documents

set cursor in an rdocx object

List Word bookmarks

Add content to Word documents

add image

add paragraph of text

add table

add fpar

add table of content

add page break

add section

insert an external docx

add bookmark

add ggplot

append an image

append text

append seq field


add a column break

append a footnote

Replace content in Word documents

replace text at a bookmark location

Replace text anywhere in the document, or at a cursor

Remove content from Word documents

remove an element

Working with PowerPoint documents

open a connexion to a 'PowerPoint' file

get PowerPoint content in a tidy format

annotate PowerPoint base document

add a slide

change current slide

presentation layouts summary

slide layout properties

get PowerPoint slide content in a tidy format

color scheme

Add content to PowerPoint documents

add image

add ggplot to a pptx presentation

add table

add text into a new shape

add unordered list to a pptx presentation

add multiple formated paragraphs

add a new empty shape

append text

append paragraph

append fpar

slide link to a placeholder

hyperlink a placeholder

Remove content from PowerPoint documents

remove a slide

remove shape

Create formatted paragraphs

concatenate formatted text

formatted text

external image

Formatting properties

Text formatting properties

Paragraph formatting properties

border properties object

Cell formatting properties