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Format a chunk of text with text formatting properties (bold, color, ...). The function allows you to create pieces of text formatted the way you want.


ftext(text, prop = NULL)



text value, a single character value


formatting text properties returned by fp_text. It also can be NULL in which case, no formatting is defined (the default is applied).


You can use this function in conjunction with fpar to create paragraphs consisting of differently formatted text parts. You can also use this function as an r chunk in an R Markdown document made with package officedown.


ftext("hello", fp_text())
#> text: hello
#> format:
#>   font.size italic  bold underlined color     shading fontname fontname_cs
#> 1        10  FALSE FALSE      FALSE black transparent    Arial       Arial
#>   fontname_eastasia fontname.hansi vertical_align
#> 1             Arial          Arial       baseline

properties1 <- fp_text(color = "red")
properties2 <- fp_text(bold = TRUE, shading.color = "yellow")
ftext1 <- ftext("hello", properties1)
ftext2 <- ftext("World", properties2)
paragraph <- fpar(ftext1, " ", ftext2)

x <- read_docx()
x <- body_add(x, paragraph)
print(x, target = tempfile(fileext = ".docx"))