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Read and import a pptx file as an R object representing the document.

The function is called read_pptx because it allows you to initialize an object of class rpptx from an existing PowerPoint file. Content will be added to the existing presentation. By default, an empty document is used.


read_pptx(path = NULL)



path to the pptx file to use as base document. potx file are supported.

master layouts and slide layouts

read_pptx() uses a PowerPoint file as the initial document. This is the original PowerPoint document where all slide layouts, placeholders for shapes and styles come from. Major points to be aware of are:

  • Slide layouts are relative to a master layout. A document can contain one or more master layouts; a master layout can contain one or more slide layouts.

  • A slide layout inherits design properties from its master layout but some properties can be overwritten.

  • Designs and formatting properties of layouts and shapes (placeholders in a layout) are defined within the initial document. There is no R function to modify these values - they must be defined in the initial document.


#> pptx document with 0 slide(s)
#> Available layouts and their associated master(s) are:
#>              layout       master
#> 1       Title Slide Office Theme
#> 2 Title and Content Office Theme
#> 3    Section Header Office Theme
#> 4       Two Content Office Theme
#> 5        Comparison Office Theme
#> 6        Title Only Office Theme
#> 7             Blank Office Theme