Create a representation of a section.

A section affects preceding paragraphs or tables; i.e. a section starts at the end of the previous section (or the beginning of the document if no preceding section exists), and stops where the section is declared.

When a new landscape section is needed, it is recommended to add a block_section with type = "continuous", to add the content to be appened in the new section and finally to add a block_section with page_size = page_size(orient = "landscape").




section properties defined with function prop_section

See also

Other block functions for reporting: block_caption(), block_list(), block_pour_docx(), block_table(), block_toc(), fpar(), plot_instr(), unordered_list()


ps <- prop_section(
  page_size = page_size(orient = "landscape"),
  page_margins = page_mar(top = 2),
  type = "continuous"
#> ----- end of section: