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Get content and positions of current slide into a data.frame. Data for any tables, images, or paragraphs are imported into the resulting data.frame.


slide_summary(x, index = NULL)



an rpptx object


slide index


The column id of the result is not to be used by users. This is a technical string id whose value will be used by office when the document will be rendered. This is not related to argument index required by functions ph_with.

See also

Other functions for reading presentation informations: annotate_base(), color_scheme(), doc_properties(), layout_properties(), layout_summary(), length.rpptx(), plot_layout_properties(), slide_size()


my_pres <- read_pptx()
my_pres <- add_slide(my_pres)
my_pres <- ph_with(my_pres, format(Sys.Date()),
  location = ph_location_type(type="dt"))
my_pres <- add_slide(my_pres)
my_pres <- ph_with(my_pres, iris[1:2,],
  location = ph_location_type(type="body"))
#>   type id              ph_label offx offy cx cy rotation fld_id fld_type
#> 1 body  0 Content Placeholder 2   NA   NA NA NA       NA   <NA>     <NA>
#>                                                                                                                              text
#> 1 {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}Sepal.LengthSepal.WidthPetal.LengthPetal.WidthSpecies5.
slide_summary(my_pres, index = 1)
#>   type id           ph_label offx     offy       cx        cy rotation fld_id
#> 1   dt  0 Date Placeholder 3  0.5 6.951389 2.333333 0.3993056       NA   <NA>
#>   fld_type       text
#> 1     <NA> 2023-03-28