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Create a summary from a data.frame as a flextable. This function is to be used in an R Markdown document.

To use that function, you must declare it in the part df_print of the 'YAML' header of your R Markdown document:

df_print: !expr function(x) flextable::df_printer(x)

We notice an unexpected behavior with bookdown. When using bookdown it is necessary to use use_df_printer() instead in a setup run chunk:



df_printer(dat, ...)



the data.frame


unused argument


'knitr' chunk options are available to customize the output:

  • ft_max_row: The number of rows to print. Default to 10.

  • ft_split_colnames: Should the column names be split (with non alpha-numeric characters). Default to FALSE.

  • ft_short_strings: Should the character column be shorten. Default to FALSE.

  • ft_short_size: Maximum length of character column if ft_short_strings is TRUE. Default to 35.

  • ft_short_suffix: Suffix to add when character values are shorten. Default to "...".

  • ft_do_autofit: Use autofit() before rendering the table. Default to TRUE.

  • ft_show_coltype: Show column types. Default to TRUE.

  • ft_color_coltype: Color to use for column types. Default to "#999999".


#> this function is to be used in a knitr context.