sugar function to save flextable objects in an Word file.

save_as_docx(..., values = NULL, path, pr_section = NULL)



flextable objects, objects, possibly named. If named objects, names are used as titles.


a list (possibly named), each element is a flextable object. If named objects, names are used as titles. If provided, argument ... will be ignored.


Word file to be created


a prop_section object that can be used to define page layout such as orientation, width and height.

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tf <- tempfile(fileext = ".docx") library(officer) ft1 <- flextable( head( iris ) ) save_as_docx(ft1, path = tf) ft2 <- flextable( head( mtcars ) ) sect_properties <- prop_section( page_size = page_size(orient = "landscape", width = 8.3, height = 11.7), type = "continuous", page_margins = page_mar() ) save_as_docx(`iris table` = ft1, `mtcars table` = ft2, path = tf, pr_section = sect_properties)